This Looks Like a Meal for Superman: Super Pho

If Superman stumbled upon Herndon, Virginia on the planet that is Earth, he would eat here for lunch. Seriously, the menu has a huge Superman emblem on the front cover.

After returning to the U.S, I was craving some pho more familiar to my palate. Where else to go than one of my local favorites? On the suggestion of one of my friends, three of us set out midday Saturday to a well-known spot, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a small-town suburb.

When we arrived, the place was packed, quite the contrary to pho restaurants I experienced in Cambodia (I believe this may be due to the fact that Cambodians have an aversion to Vietnamese culture due to their history of conflicts with each other). We grabbed a seat by the window with a beautiful view of the CVS pharmacy across the street, and ordered three bowls of their “super-sized” P1 option with all the meats, and a summer roll appetizer.

Warm and welcoming.

Despite how busy the place was, our food was brought out quite quickly. By the time we finished our summer roll, our enormous, piping hot bowls of pho were brought out. After being thousands of miles away for many weeks, the portion sizes here were one of the things I missed most about the states. For those of us with insatiable appetites who grew up on American-sized meals, an entrée there would be just enough to stifle my hunger, never really sufficient to make me full. But even amongst Vietnamese-American pho chains, the bowl of soup here was positively huge – by far the largest of any I’ve had. Even at $9.50, you definitely get a fantastic deal out of your money.

Now as this event was my return to the Pho Saturday tradition, it is due time for me to explain “the ritual.” “The ritual” is an essential component to the tradition, something we do every time before every bowl of pho. It involves indulging our senses with the scent of the broth, and letting our bodies be taken by the heartiness that is a good noodle soup. It is my ultimate way of relieving stress, a way of saying goodbye to the week behind us and hello to the weekend. Upon arrival of our pho, we cease all other activity, and in unison lower our heads as close as we possibly can to the broth without actually dipping our noses in, and intake two to three breaths of the aroma. Letting it overtake us, we then rise up, in unison once more, return ourselves to our senses and then prepare to chow down.

Certainly, the eating part at Super Pho was excellent. After adding the usual garnishes to our soup (hoisin, chili sauce, basil, lime, cilantro, bean sprouts), we added some of their sate sauce, an orangish roast chili oil that provides a smoky flavor to the broth. The result was a delicious concoction quite unlike any other I’ve had (just don’t add too much sate or you’ll find your throat quite scratchy). Complemented by hearty amounts of meat, noodles, and onions, Super Pho reminded me why I always look forward to Pho Saturdays.

Super Pho

I have no bad things to say about this place other than the fact asking for extra onions will cost you $1.50 a plate. Fast service, solid décor, and great pho – this is a place I’d definitely recommend for someone new to the pho scene in northern Virginia. Want to see their menu or read other reviews? Visit their website at


Final Rating: 8/10

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